Lawyer Wellness Urban Retreat

Nurturing Body & Mind for Health & Well-Being

November 15 - Memphis | $130

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Yoga • Meditation • 3.25 Hours TN Dual CLE Credit


Lawyer Yoga

Certified yoga teachers and seasoned lawyers. Contact us for availability: speaking engagements, individual meditation and yoga training, continuing legal education and bar association events.


Lawyer Yoga

Can help you:

reduce stress and anxiety

Gain control over your mind

Strengthen Your Body


Are You on the Verge of Burnout?

Joanna and I recently had an opportunity to talk with Nicole Abboud about lawyers, yoga, and meditation. This podcast takes a real-life look at how quickly our jobs can start to control our lives! And you guessed it - how yoga and meditation helped Nicole realize that “giving it your all” isn’t always the best choice. Take a listen to get yet another lawyers viewpoint on the benefits of yoga and meditation, as well as, some of the common misconceptions.


Continuing Legal Education for Attorneys


On-demand CLE for attorneys

Ever wonder why sometimes you have a hard time focusing? Or why some days you don't perform as well as other days? Many times a contributing factor is stress and negative brain chatter. Yoga, pranayama and meditation are tools to keep in touch with your inner stress level and develop positive thoughts and emotions. Lawyer Yoga is an introductory class specifically designed for busy lawyers. Take a first step to change negative thought processes that create anxiety and inhibit performance. Learn how to focus under pressure. This course provides lawyers with actionable strategies that fit into your busy schedule. Beginning techniques designed by lawyers for lawyers.

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